Thermal management

  • Calculating total power requirements for data centres

    Part of data centre planning and design is to align the power and cooling requirements of the IT equipment with the capacity of infrastructure equipment. Schneider Electric presents methods for calculating power and cooling requirements and provides guidelines for determining the total electrical power capacity.

  • Data centres benefit from massive energy and CO2 reductions using variable-speed drives

    Data centres require massive amounts of power to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. The ever-increasing demand for computing power has a significant impact: with the new technologies, between 20-22 kW of power is required for each single rack, compared to 4-5 kW normally needed in the past. In the future, these environments will become one of the main consumers of power in the world. Carl Turbit of ABB explains

  • Understanding the need to reduce data centre PUE levels

    Mark Awdas of Cannon Technologies discusses some of the power consumption challenges - and solutions to those challenges - that face modern data centre facilitators and managers