Energy management software

  • Data centres benefit from massive energy and CO2 reductions using variable-speed drives

    Data centres require massive amounts of power to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. The ever-increasing demand for computing power has a significant impact: with the new technologies, between 20-22 kW of power is required for each single rack, compared to 4-5 kW normally needed in the past. In the future, these environments will become one of the main consumers of power in the world. Carl Turbit of ABB explains

  • Now cut your data centre project time from years to months

    Introducing prefabricated data centre configurations from 90 kW to 2 MW using stand alone modules

    Undertaking a design-build data centre project can present a myriad of challenges. From performance and compatibility issues to cost overruns and missed deadlines, these challenges can significantly impact your business.