Batteries and fuel cells

  • Calculating total power requirements for data centres

    Part of data centre planning and design is to align the power and cooling requirements of the IT equipment with the capacity of infrastructure equipment. Schneider Electric presents methods for calculating power and cooling requirements and provides guidelines for determining the total electrical power capacity.

  • Communications: an essential part of the UPS package

    A UPS system must have communications capability to provide full power protection for its critical load.  Communications-enabled UPSs can warn their protected devices of an extended power outage, allowing them to shut down safely during the UPS system’s battery autonomy. Apart from this basic and essential requirement, UPS communications allow data centre managers to run entire systems with multiple UPS modules safely and efficiently- even if the network is large or extends across multiple sites. In this article, Stuart Cockburn, senior field sales engineer at Uninterruptible Power Supplies, a Kohler company looks at the different hardware and software communications components available to UPS users. He then discusses how these can be integrated into a solution that best meets an individual data centre’s requirements

  • Thamesgate achieves Riello UPS Certified Engineer status

    Thamesgate has become one of the first UK service companies with engineers approved under a new certification programme from Riello UPS. Called ‘Certified Engineers’ the initiative is designed to protect Riello UPS clients from ‘rogue traders’ and ensure the right levels of support are channelled through a network of authorised service partners

  • Your reseller should be an indispensable and valuable partner

    Datacentre power protection has evolved. It’s now as much a matter of energy management as it is about securing electricity supply.

    Today’s DCMs (data centre managers) need resellers who are more than just product suppliers. A good reseller will become a trusted and reliable partner, helping DCMs solve their power and energy problems, which in light of the huge influence of PUE and DCIM these days are many and various. Resellers should also be specialists and have their ear to the ground on the latest solutions and technologies. What are some of the other qualities today’s resellers should possess?